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Just as BEST.

nah, just as better has a better ring to it.

(The) One (and Only) Cousins Named Jack (Fan-Club)
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cousins named jack
hi! we're an LJ comm. devoted to COUSINS NAMED JACK!
who are they? you're a loser then, because you don't know about them.
they're the best band in the history of ever!

Cousins Named Jack are...(Just As Better), (Addicted To Parentheses)
(Vlad) lead guitar, plaid-jacket-wearing
(Lena) bass, blinking, backup vocals, and then waiting
(Jack) drummer, cousin.
(Ganesh) lead singer, other things we haven't figured out yet.
possibly elephant god.

we love delicious drownies
and then waiting, backing away quickly, backing away slowly, being pretentious, blinking a lot, chicken wire for displays, contents unknown (red tempera), contents unknown (yellow tempera), cousins named jack, drownies, hatton castle, interviews, jack, jacks with cousins, just as better, kilns to go, leaving these in case, lena, maybe, messing with shoes, moving the case, music, muzack, no things in eyes, not messing with shoes, not wanting to supersize, parentheses, plaid jackets, sitting on tables, still needing the cart, t-squares, turning and running, vlad