May 1st, 2008

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guys! i totally just scored a vinyl of "these are the two kilns to go (we still need the cart)"! the cover art is awesome... i love cnj ... it's  is pretty grreat... ganesh has a smooth voice and lena is as wonderful an in con gruou s soprano as ever, while still orocking the baass and vlad plays guitar and their drummer si is named jack and they're a great bandm, have you ever head of cousins named jack? THEY ARE A GREAT BAND. you should listen to some of their stuff. know what's a great song? "these are the two kilns to go (we still need the cart)". in fact, i just got a vinyl of that song. whata coincidence?! you should come over and listen to it sometime.
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    These Are The Two Kilns To Go (We Still Need The Cart) extended vinyl version!
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