April 26th, 2008


did you see the latest interview? can't believe Lena and Jack used to go out.
damn, i need to make some (more) 'ship icons now.
see all you guys later.
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so, anybody else following the Cousins tour this year? i am, going the whole groupie think.
bought a used Volkswagon from my uncle. gonna go cross-county!
Iowa, here i come.

so, see all you people at tonight's Hatton Castle show.
seoyoung 1

gaping wound

Hey you guys, have you heard CNJ are working on their latest album? It's awesome!

Okay, you've probably already heard of that.

Also, anyone know where to buy a used copy of Just as Better? I'm trying to save money while at the same time collect all of CNJ's works but my local record store doesn't have it and all my searches turn out weird links to Nightwish stuff.

I'm also probably not the only one who thinks Ganesh is a total hottie. Rar.

Uh, yeah. So I'm new to the community. You think maybe I should have said that first? Whatever. I'm a high school student from New Jersey and I'm a huge fan of CNJ. My friends think I have a problem.

Gotta go, mom is making me help her bake drownies. Do you even bake those? How do you drown in baked goods?
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