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haven't posted in a while... here at NCRSCT, wehavwe final s so its ... NOT LIKE I HAVE BEEN TAKING THE FINALS! i totally have been slacking pff an d just siting around an smoking ze weed.

and going to CNJ shows! BTW, did you hear about Interdimensional Fest getting rescheduled for, like, August? SUCK.
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Dude, can't believe Felix (or anyone else) hasn't posted about this.


I mean, I'm totally going with some friends from school.
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heyyy guys...

livejournal needs to allow MORE characters in its listening to now box because I NEED TO PUT IN THE FULL TITLE OF THIS SONG AND OTHER CNJ SONGS WITH LONGER TITLES.

listening to now: (Oh God) I'm Stuck (At A Family Party) And My Cousins (Have Started Huffing Helium)

i have SO been there... except it was a frat party... at NCRSCT...  and there were drownies...

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hold n' view enterprises

have i ever told you guys about the time i went to a CNJ show and a girl threw up on me and then we started dating? she was the best girlfriend i ever had. we only broke up cuz i found out she had other interests in music as well.

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guys! i totally just scored a vinyl of "these are the two kilns to go (we still need the cart)"! the cover art is awesome... i love cnj ... it's  is pretty grreat... ganesh has a smooth voice and lena is as wonderful an in con gruou s soprano as ever, while still orocking the baass and vlad plays guitar and their drummer si is named jack and they're a great bandm, have you ever head of cousins named jack? THEY ARE A GREAT BAND. you should listen to some of their stuff. know what's a great song? "these are the two kilns to go (we still need the cart)". in fact, i just got a vinyl of that song. whata coincidence?! you should come over and listen to it sometime.
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oh! there's two penguins in the gumball!

hey guys, this is felix mendez again.
i am not under the influence of marijuana right now.
so i walk in to my AP Chem- I MEAN BROOM CLOSET

my broom closet class, and everyone is doing... guess what?



i so thought of CNJ!

so do you guys notice CNJ-ish stuff happening IRL?
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gaping wound

Hey you guys, have you heard CNJ are working on their latest album? It's awesome!

Okay, you've probably already heard of that.

Also, anyone know where to buy a used copy of Just as Better? I'm trying to save money while at the same time collect all of CNJ's works but my local record store doesn't have it and all my searches turn out weird links to Nightwish stuff.

I'm also probably not the only one who thinks Ganesh is a total hottie. Rar.

Uh, yeah. So I'm new to the community. You think maybe I should have said that first? Whatever. I'm a high school student from New Jersey and I'm a huge fan of CNJ. My friends think I have a problem.

Gotta go, mom is making me help her bake drownies. Do you even bake those? How do you drown in baked goods?
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hey, was anyone else at the Hatton's Castle show? because some wierd sh(i)t went down.

also, they played No (I Don't Want to Supersize).
Zack wants me to say it was f(u)cking intense.

also, is this felix dude some kind of crazy pothead or what?
he's not a very good manager, man.

yeah, that's Will. ignore him.